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Low infection rate after knee arthroplasty

Low infection rate after knee arthroplasty

Posted: November 26th, 2011

RPA Janssen, MD performs more than 100 total knee arthroplasties per year at the Orthopaedic Center Máxima, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The track record of the knee prothesis that he uses is very good: 98.8% survivial after 9 years (independent research). The results of his surgeries are documented and published regularly (see Publications).  

A low infection rate is an important criterium for quality of medical care. Analysis of all knee arthroplasties by RPA Janssen, in the last 4 years, shows a low infection rate: 0.25%. In The Netherlands, < 1 % infection rate is considered good medical care after knee arthroplasties.  

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