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Clinical evaluation of 292 Genesis II posterior stabilized high flexion total knee arthroplasty: range of motion and predictors

Clinical evaluation of 292 Genesis II posterior stabilized high flexion total knee arthroplasty: range of motion and predictors

Fuchs MC, Janssen RPA
European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology 2015;25(1):161-6

The primary aim of the study was to evaluate the range of motion and complications after Genesis II total knee arthroplasty with high flexion tibia insert (TKA-HF). Furthermore, difference in knee flexion between high flexion and standard inserts was compared. The hypothesis was that knee flexion is better after high flexion TKA.

A total of  292 TKA-HF  were retrospectively reviewed. Mean follow-up was 24.3 months. The range of motion was compared between TKA-HF (high flexion group) and a comparable cohort of 86 Genesis II TKA with a standard tibia insert (control group). Surgeries were performed by one experienced knee orthopaedic surgeon.

Knee flexion in the high flexion group increased from 114.8° pre-operatively to 118.0° postoperatively (P<0.01). Knee extension in the high flexion group increased from -4.5° preoperatively to 0.4°after surgery (P<0.01). Mean knee flexion was 5.52°(+/- 1.46°) better in the high flexion group compared to the control group (P<0.01). Preoperative range of motion, body mass index (BMI), diabetes mellitus and patellofemoral pain significantly influenced range of motion. Few complications occurred after TKA-HF.

The Genesis II TKA-HF showed good short term results with limited complications. Knee flexion after Genesis II TKA-HF was better compared to a standard tibia insert.   


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